Lighted Water Air Purifier and Freshener Using Essential Oil


Having an air purifier is good enough, but adding in a freshener that uses essential oils is definitely the best. Just imagine the clean air that you can breathe in with the powerful help of an air purifier plus all that air that it sucks in to clean is vent out with the benefits of essential oils. You are definitely in for a treat, don’t you think? On top of that, you also get to choose the essential oil that you want, so you can actually personalize according to your need or mood. Better yet, keep a set of all the wonderful essential oil in your cupboard, so you can easily change or even mix and match to your liking. Also, you will really love the artistic designs of modern air purifiers these days as they come lighted and in shapes that will definitely complement your interior.

By theory, an air purifier uses different techniques to clean the air by eliminating all the unwanted elements and organisms from the air. The oldest of its kind and the first to be developed back in the 1800s had been very simple in construction–a smallish device with an inlet and outlet for air. It uses natural materials like charcoal to clean the air that it sucks in from one of its leather hoses and releases to the other. The idea is simple: to clean and eliminate dirt and any organisms that may infect others in the same room or area it can cater. Over time, the flaws of this invention had been innovated to what these days have been enjoying. Today, air purifiers can now clean up to the tiniest particle or organism present in the air that these devices are already used in hospitals and wards where infections may be a big threat.

Studies have also shown that the different techniques used in configuring air purifiers like ionization can actually prevent viral infections in hospitals. So, all these techniques used in creating air purifier when mixed with creativity can actually help improve life and style. And with the right choice, like with a lighted water air purifier and freshener, you get a nice little aesthetic add on to your interior with the practical benefit of air purifier and air freshener plus essential oils.

Benefits of air purifier

Air purifiers have been in the domestic, commercial, and industrial scenes for a long time. At first, the need was merely seasonal and regional. The growing population and the getting worse climate change have made a huge difference for air purifier needs. Today, air purifiers are almost norms in homes, offices, industrial applications and most especially, in hospitals. Such need is getting bigger due to the growing population as well as the evolution of diseases. In homes and areas where the need is not as much as those in dusty and dirty areas, air purifiers are still used to ensure that no dirt or viral infection will be found in the air which can jeopardize the health of those who are living in these homes.

Air purifiers work beneficially not only to clean air from particles that can settle as dust or dirt, but also to remove all viral infections that are airborne. To do these principal purposes, these devices employ purifying techniques and contraptions that are specifically made for the task. They can be differentiated between active and passive. Active purifiers use a filter in the process while those that are classified under passive use purifying elements in the absence of filters. One of the most common passive air purifiers is the ionized purifier. It makes use of anions to cancel out unwanted elements and organisms in the air, thereby eliminating any possible health hazard. Also, it is among the most used in medical applications as tests show that the use of negative ions prevents contagious effects in wards.

The benefits that can be expected from both classifications are the same; therefore there is nothing better or greater between the passive and active air purifiers. Both can effectively eliminate hazardous particles and organisms from the air while at the same time cleaning it from any possible contagious infections. To better such performance, manufacturers of these useful devices are employing another effective idea of humidifier as well as freshener that uses even more beneficial essential oils.

Benefits of Essential Oils

What are essential oils and how do they help air purifiers deliver better cleaning and freshening performance? First, it is good to know that these oils had been in the alternative and medical scene for thousands of years. They are almost part of various cultures because of their health and medicinal importance. They are tried and tested as effective antibacterial, antidepressant, anti-viral, calming, detoxifying, and stimulating essences. They are recently and continually gaining popularity for their cost-effective, natural, and safe therapy applications across various health concerns. Considering the now very high cost of conventional medications and healthcare plus their different side effects, it is easy to see why people are considering and keeping essential oils in their medicine cabinets. On top of that, essential oils are not just alternative medicines or for aromatherapy applications, they are also perfect for household cleaning and even personal beauty care.

Essential oils are natural oils that are either distilled or extracted from different plant parts. Among the most common parts are bark, flowers, leaves, peels, resin, and roots. When distilled or steamed to separate the plants water-based and oil compounds, essential oils become highly concentrated with very strong aroma. This separation extracts the plants most powerful compound healing compound into oil. It is this reason that is alternatively called volatile aromatic oils. This is why even a single drop of these essential oils can offer very powerful health benefits. Talk about the power of alternative medicine in the form of an oil.

So, using these essential oils in your air purifier is definitely a wise thing. The device will suck in air to eliminate any unwanted elements or organisms and release it with essential oil. The air you breathe is now not just clean but loaded with all those powerful health benefits.

Outcome: Essential oils to Balance Hormones

Essential oils came from plants branches, barks, stems, flowers, and leaves, steamed or distilled to extract the powerful compounds from water-based ones. The oil of these herbal plants are what people need to heal diseases or alleviate their illness as well as clean stubborn dirt from their homes, offices or even in industrial applications. Depending on the plant where these oils have been distilled from, the benefit may vary like balancing hormones. They can be of great help in balancing the cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid levels in the body.

Oils from clary thyme, sage, and geranium can help balance the progesterone and estrogen levels of a human body. This improves the infertility, menopause PMS and PCOS symptoms of a person. This claim is backed by a study in 2017 that was published in the world acclaimed Neuro Endocrinology Letters. The study shows that the essential oils of rose and geranium, among still many others, can influence women estrogen’s salivary concentration. The effect is better conditions to those who are suffering from menopausal symptoms due to their declining estrogen secretin levels in the body.

The cortisol levels in the body, which is what controls the mood of a person as well as their depression symptoms, can be dramatically reduced with the use of essential oils. At the same time, these oils may also help in increasing the levels of testosterone in men, thereby improving their physical intimate drive. Just imagine, all these health benefits right in the air you breathe and you will be very happy adding in essential oils in your air purifier that also provide air cleaning and purifying applications. On top of that, your device is also lighted in a way that adds beauty and elegance to your interior. 

Conclusion: Essential Oils in Fighting Infections & Boosting Immunity

Essential oils have long been used as antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antiviral. They basically help in fighting infections and boosting the immune system of your body. What make these health benefits a reality are the essential oils chemical substances. These include ethers, esters, ketones, phenolics, and terpene. All these chemical substances have properties that are capable of fighting all foreign pathogens in the body which pose severe danger to your health. Choose the essential oils of cinnamon, eucalyptus, frankincense, ginger, lemon, myrrh, Mentha piperita or oregano, and peppermint to boost your immunity.

More recent studies have also favored the use and application of essential oils to deter several bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens. Among the most common of these pathogens that essential oils can effectively destroy are methicillin-resistant Candida albicans, Helicobacter pylori, and Staphylococcus aureus infections. In these days, problems with antibiotic resistance in medical applications, the use of essential oils in independent and/or combination therapies is definitely helping improve lives. These oils are always the more natural and safer way of fighting bacterial infections in the modern world.

There are also essential oils that can provide more health benefits. A good example to this is the Oregano oil, which does not only offer immune-boosting compounds, but also antiviral as well as antibacterial benefits. Laboratory studies proved that the thymol and carvacrol contents of the Oregano oil are two compounds with effective antimicrobial properties. These things can effectively deter the growth and/or synthesis of some bacteria types in the body.

Essential Oils in Supporting Digestion

Digestion improvement is another health benefit that essential oils present. Researches show that these oils help stimulate all the body’s digestive enzymes, so as to help in breaking down and absorbing all the fats, nutrients, and proteins the body needs. The result is relief to common and/or even rare digestion problems, including diarrhea, gastrointestinal system conditions the likes of IBS, indigestion, stomach spasms, and upset stomach. If you are experiencing any of these conditions then you should choose the perfect essential oils to use in your air purifier and freshener.

Essential oils found in ginger are considered the most common alternative medicine for easing constipation, indigestion, and ulcers. A study that backs this claim was published in the Gastroenterology World Journal. It reinforces the notion that the ginger’s essential oil can stimulate and boost gastric emptying thereby promoting digestive health in people. The essential oil found in ginger is also commonly used in relieving gas, reducing nausea, as well as easing abdominal pains. This only proves that alternative medicines are not something of folklore, but are actually effective and usually cost less.

Peppermint essential oil is also another very useful and helpful promoter of digestive health as it alleviates indigestion. This is backed by a random and double-blind clinical trial of placebo-controlled research on 72 patients that have IBS. These patients all received either placebo or peppermint oil for 4 weeks. The research revealed shows that patients who received peppermint had experienced reduction of IBS symptoms up to 19.6 percent in just 24 hours. The result improved and improved that after a short period of 4 weeks, the result grew to 40 percent. The placebo group, on the other hand, was reported to experience only 24 percent. Indeed, the use of peppermint essential oil works in helping the rapid relief when having symptoms of IBS.

There are also other essential oils that are commonly used in boosting digestive health. The list can include black pepper, fennel, juniper berry lemongrass, and marjoram. These are definitely the essential oils to be used in your lighted air purifier and freshener if your digestive health is a let-down.

Essential oils are good for the health and if you are going to use these to provide a desirable indoor air smell using an air purifier; it’s good as long as you are using high-quality essential oils. After all, it’s your health that you are investing for.

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