Ionizer Air Purifier: Good or Bad for Health? Pros Cons, Side Effects, & Dangers

The health benefits that the ionizer air purifier can provide to lots of people are a hundred percent sure. There were various studies conducted and showed good results; it showed that it is good for the elimination of the airborne particles that are harmful like the dander, pollen, and dust—making it the best way to adjust on the allergies and other types of respiratory infections. These are the capabilities of the air purifier that has no better alternative in trapping the irritants and pollutants in order to provide better air quality.

All the members of the household can enjoy the benefit of having an indoor ionizer air purifier. But the respiratory problems that come from the inhalation of the pollutants can be a danger to the health of the children and the elderly people. If you want to protect your family, it is essential for you to have an air purifier. You may ask why the air purifiers are good for the elderly people. One of the good evidences that were featured on the air purifiers for the aged people is the study that was conducted by the Institute of Public Health in Copenhagen that also received an international attention.

In their study, they measured the efficiency of the top of the line air purifiers that has the feature of HEPA air filters. The test was applied to 21 couples, with the age bracket of 60 to 75 sharing the same physical aspects, lifestyle, and health conditions. The test contains subjects that last for 2 days, having the advantage of the HEPA air purifier. From these periods, the microvascular capability of every participant is monitored in order to see the distinct changes. After the lapse of the designated period, the result shows that a definite improvement on their microvascular functions was attained.

The implication of the study in Copenhagen is very essential for various levels. The fact that there were improvement on the microvascular function of every participants, it only shows that a positive and direct effect to the whole cardiovascular health. The permission to of the subjects to inhale using small vessels of their body suffered minimal stress that can prolong their overtime resistance. This type of improvement would not require to be in the ward for a long period of time. This can also prevent the occurrence of the cardiovascular diseases that are common to the aged people.

Another good thing about the issues that was pointed out in the study is that, the air purifiers do not only provide benefits to the people that suffer from allergies. The allergens are not just the only harmful substance that the people can inhale in regular manner. The typical airborne particulates can be traced around the environment. The inhalation of this subjects that not immediately affect the human body, but in time it will make a greater damage to the human vessels that is harder to process. Having an air purifier is very important for all the people especially for the children and aged people.

Ionizer Air Purifier: The Good and the Bad

By concept, an ionizer air purifier is supposed to do you all the good things that you can find from an air purifier–and it actually does. It works effectively by charging anions to attract air particles to its plate or anything earthly nearby. This makes air cleaning so natural and effective, as well as with very little maintenance. This is what happens when everything is working right, but you cannot always expect everything to be perfect all the time. There are times that even an ionizer air purifier can fail like when they are unmaintained, which mainly causes their failure. Also, when there are electrical static issues at home or where this unit is being used. Such things can cause alteration to the unit’s effectiveness or worst, damage on it that will eventually cause its demise.

The bad thing that can ever happen on an ionizer air purifier is not damage on the unit itself but when its purpose backfires. When working perfectly, it allows you to breathe fresh and clean air normally. It also keeps all unwanted organisms and even infections out of your way. The moment it works improperly though, bacteria, molds, and fungi can populate in the unit. This usually happens when the purifier is left unmaintained for a long time. This especially true with those units that are being used as 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 and so on, as there could be water stored in the unit where all the unwanted elements can build up. Once this kind of ionizer air purifier is activated, all these unwanted particles and organisms can actually be released in the air for every single one of those who are in the area to breathe.

At first, it may not be a problem but later on, this could cause serious issues in the respiratory system of a person. The most susceptible of these scenarios will always be children as well as elderlies with very vulnerable state of health. Aside from respiratory ailments, the chances of getting other infections are possible like rashes and all those easier to see diseases. Now, that is not what an ionizer air purifier is for, so there is no need to subject oneself or your family to that problems. It is therefore very important to maintain your ionizer air purifier even if you think there is no need for that because of the volume of air elements that it removes and may have stocked on its interior parts. One thing to look into is the heating element of the unit as minerals can easily build up on that area.    

Cleaning Ionizer Air Purifier

One way of cleaning the air inside your place or home is considered to be the best response in order to avoid some air-related problems. That’s why the use of ionizer air purifier is being considered by many households today. And since air purifier has the purpose of cleaning the air inside your place the equipment itself must also be well-maintained. It is important that air purifier is always clean in order not to offer any air-related problems within the entire household.

Once cleaning an air purifier, following instructions must greatly be considered. There would be manual on how you are to clean the air purifier provided by the manufacturer. But there could as well be other sources of instructions once cleaning the air purifier. Provided below would be the basic steps on how you are to clean your air purifier at home:

  • Look for the filter of the air purifier. In most cases, filters are located under and also toward the back of the air cleaner. Take note whether where the device came from and the direction it was placed into the air cleaner.
  • Pull out the filter carefully. Put the disposable filters inside a plastic bag and then take them into a store for the purpose of comparison and so you could find the same replacement filter. Once it is considered as reusable filter, clean it with mild soap and warm water gently. Rinse it thoroughly up until the suds are all out from the filter. Try shaking the filter in order to remove excess water. Once finished, set the filter/s aside.
  • As much as possible, you must disassemble the air purifier but make sure that you make track of the things you are doing for it might not be hard for you to bring the parts back together. Taking notes could be considered for easier way of assembling later.
  • With the use of damp cloth being wet into warm water, wipe down throughout the air purifier as well as its parts. Just wipe all of the grooves properly.
  • All the parts of the air purifier could be put into a clean surface in order to dry it completely. This might take certain hours based on filter’s consistency.
  • And finally reassemble the air purifier once the parts are dried already. It will now be considered as clean and well-functioning air purifier.
  • The guide provided above would be of great help in terms of cleaning air purifier therefore providing clean air as well. But remember that once you are to reassemble the air purifier, and then it doesn’t work you need to remove it again and let it dry for a longer period of time. You could as well utilize blow dryer set into its low heat in order to make the filter dry.
  • Being guided with the steps in terms of cleaning air purifier could be of great help in order to have success in making the air purifier clean and so for it to function properly cleaning the air inside your place. And with that, there will be an assurance of safer environment as well.

Ionizer Air Purifiers vs. Air Conditioning Units

There are many different reasons why people vary in their choices. When talking about breathing quality air, which is a better choice, an air purifier or an air conditioning unit? Why spend your hard-earned money for an air purifier when you can just have a typical air conditioning appliance? Find the answers as you read the following comparisons.


Ionizer Air Purifiers

The basic function of an air purifier is to clean (purify) the air within a particular premise. This is one of the most wonderful functions of this machine. The moment you turn an air purifier on, it will suck the air that circulates around a particular area. The air passes through the machine’s vessels towards air purification chambers. This machine eliminates the presence of dust, air particulates, pet dander, and many other irritants that anyone in the home may possible breathe in. Some highly advanced air purifiers even have HEPA filters. Therefore, you are sure that the air that you and your family inhale is clean and safe for your health.

Air conditioning unit

Air conditioning units basically functions as the cooler of a home or office area. Like an air purifier, such an appliance also sucks the warm air in an enclosed environment and then replaces it with a cooler air temperature. However, the big difference is that air conditioning systems can only cool the temperature of the air so that the area becomes cooler. It has no capability to clean the air you breathe in. Of course, even if lower temperature levels get you rid of sweating, it is still best to consider your respiratory health. This is one of the reasons why air purifiers are better than air conditioning units.


Ionizer Air Purifiers:

Air purifying has been proven to be relatively cheaper than air conditioning. In general, most air purifiers consume similar amount of energy regardless of the amount of airborne particles present in your home. This is why air manufacturers do not have to produce motors that consume huge amounts of electricity. This, in turn, results to a significantly cheaper air cleaning appliance as compared to air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Unit

Every home temperature is more likely to vary. There are areas that are significantly warmer than any other places. What does that mean? This only means that there is a need to install a high-powered air conditioning unit for an area with higher temperature level. Of course, this will come at higher prices as well. In case you would want to know, cooling down a significantly hotter room requires higher amount of electricity for the motor to generate. To suit the demand, manufacturers will have to come up with powerful motor capabilities. This makes the prices of air conditioning units higher than most air purifiers.


Your choice still depends on your situation. Given these information, you are more confident with your purchase decisions. With the fact that air purifiers are better than air conditioning units in many ways, you better spend your hard-earned money for such an appliance.

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