Ionic Humidifier & Air Purifier

The illuminating beauty of ionic humidifier air purifier that you can find in the market these days is not just for show. It is actually a very practical health and safety promoter at home, in the office, or just about any enclosed area. As an air purifier, it helps clean the air so you can breathe normally, without thinking of allergens or of the tiniest particles that could cause respiratory problems. At the same time, it is a humidifier, which guarantees the appropriate humidity level in the room; thus, it reduces static electricity and preserves your wonderful wooden furniture at home. It is also among the best devices to use in rooms where papers and art pieces are stored. It keeps these essentials from curling, shrinking, and cracking, so they will always be in pristine condition. Having one of those wonderfully designed ionic humidifier air purifiers, therefore, is one of the wisest decisions anyone could ever made when thinking of safety and health.

An ionic humidifier air purifier may be one of the coolest pieces of devices in the market these days with its elegant shapes and colors, but it is actually derived from two concepts: an air purifier and a humidifier. An air purifier cleans air with the use of techniques that best fit an application in this case, the technique used is ionization. It works by charging airborne particles through the use of electrostatic attraction. This then compels the particles to be attracted to the deliberate plates equipped in the purifier or any of the earthed conductors nearby like the ceilings and the walls in closest proximity. The concept is backed by a study and test is done in British hospitals where nosocomial infections have become so frequent. Through the efforts of NHS or the National Health Service, negatively charged air ionizers were installed to check how effective anions can be in medical applications. It was found out that recurrent airborne acinetobacter contaminations in hospital ward had been reduced and eventually eliminated. The results were astonishing as this totally eliminated the infection rate.

More tests and proofs came up that back the health benefits that anions can offer, paving the way to its usefulness. One of the most recent is a manufacturer of air conditioning systems who have tested and reported that the produced ions of these air systems, both the positive and the negative, can inactivate different viruses that include as extreme condition as the influenza. With the evidences on hand, more and more people are including ionic purifiers in their homes, offices, and industrial structures. Modern designs are now available, as well as configurations that comprise humidifiers in the configuration. These are the classes where nicely designed ionic air purifier humidifiers belong. Artistic manufacturers and designers even toss in a few more style here and there to the market’s delight. Lightings of different colors are also adding more aesthetic appeal without clouding the practical use of the small appliance.

What is Ionic Air Purifier?

Air purifier may be primarily used in eliminating all unwanted particles from the air people breathe. While humidifiers guarantee comfort in rooms with dry air, but those are not the only benefits that these things can provide. Air purifiers can remove more than dirt and dust from air; it can actually prevent airborne infections like influenza. This is achieved with the use of adsorbers to the original filters in the purifier. Humidifiers, on the other hand, can also help prevent static electricity as well as damage on art and furniture pieces. These benefits can be guaranteed with a little help from installing hygrostat which will monitor the present humidity in a room, or at least a consistent manual monitoring of someone knowledgeable enough of these things.

The benefits that one can get from an air purifier can vary, depending on the technique used on it. These purifying techniques usually classify the device to either active or passive. The former uses ionization while the latter makes use of air filters. Both are effective in their own way–ionic purifiers can cancel out pollutants while filters can sieve particles to the tiniest bit. The processes in purifying can be through Activated carbon, electronic polarized media, High-efficiency particulate arrestance or HEPA, Immobilized cell technology, MERV 14 Filter HVAC, Ozone generators, Photocatalytic oxidation or PCO, Photoelectrochemical oxidation or PECO, Thermodynamic sterilization or TSS, Titanium dioxide or TiO2 technology, and Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation or UVGI.   

Is Ionic Air Purifier Safe?

Of all the technologies and techniques used in configuring an air purifier, ionization has become the popular choice in different applications. It is not something too synthetic but it mainly relies on a very natural process like generating gas ions to purify the air. To do that, this active purifying technique requires charged electrical needles or surfaces. These are the ones that generate the needed charged air and gas ions, which attach to unwanted particles in the air. Once this happens, these particles will be attracted electrostatically to the collector plate that is also electrically charged. While this process had been noted for ozone and oxidants by product, it still passes the safety standard of industrial application with its 0.05 ppm rating.

Therefore, ionic air purifier is safe to use in homes, medical institutions, commercial settings, and even industrial applications. Partner this effectivity to another effective device, the ionizer – a device that will help increase humidity in an enclosed area when the air is excessively dry, then you get a very efficient device of your own. This 2-in-1 device will help promote health and safety from infections and static electricity, which can cause more untoward incidents. Plus, with the very artistic designs available for ionic air purifier humidifier these days, you can surely mix and match the interior design of your home for harmony and aesthetic beauty.

Why Ionic Air Purifier?

One of the reasons ionic air purifiers are a good choice is that Ionizer purifiers work primarily without filters, which make it unique and very active. This means there is no need for frequent replacement of the filter. That alone can be costly, depending on the type of filter used in the configuration of the device. Also, the filter of choice can be a bit difficult to look for. OEMs are sometimes very rare, but of course, this will depend on the brand and location of the user. Replacements or aftermarket products are usually the more prevalent choice. It is just so important to select properly to ensure that you get the best piece available in the market these days. The actual replacement may also be a little tedious and probably require an experienced handyman. Still, there are some designs of this device that are very simple yet effective and allow DIY replacements.

An ionic air purifier also functions efficiently. The device is comprised of electrically charged needles or surfaces and collector plate to effectively remove pollutants from the air you breathe. The concept is to attach the produced electrically charged air and/or gas ions to airborne particles, so these unwanted elements would be attracted electrically to a then charged collector plate. The entire process have been found to produce below 0.05 ppm ozone and a few more oxidants, which passes the safety standards set for industrial applications.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier for you

There are choices of ionic air purifier in the market these days but only two fall under the major subdivisions. They are the fanless and fan-based ionic air purifiers. Efficiency divides this two as the former is known for its noiseless work and low power use but low in purification performance. The latter, on the other hand, is the direct contrast. It can be noisy and power inefficient but its performance is unquestionable. Fan-based ionic air purifier can hoard in, clean, and eventually distribute purified air in a much faster rate than its counterpart. Therefore, it is the best choice you can have for your portable or mounted purifier at home or business.

An ionic air purifier that can fall either as fan-based or fanless is the electrostatic precipitators. This one is a bit rare as it is directly mounted on the HVAC of homes or businesses, and even industrial institutions. If you are living in areas where there is a huge need for air purification then this is the type of purifier for you. The challenge is to find a design that comes as a purifier and humidifier to best enjoy the benefits of these devices.

Also, it is a good thing to check out design and aesthetic effectiveness as there are a lot of choices in the market these days. Such amount can actually cloud up judgement, so better stay true to the need that you have which is the reason why you are getting an ionic air purifier humidifier in the first place.

What are Humidifiers?

Sometimes, prevalent humidity falls way low than what is recommended, which is around 40 to 60 percent. This is usually an effect of different seasons like summers and winters, but relative humidity can actually fall down to 10 percent. When this happens, it does not only affect comfort but health and electric static as well. As experts would advise, some infections thrive in dry air which is why it is very important to keep the appropriate humidity levels in hospital wards – where most infections can be found. Also, electrical appliances and wirings can be endangered with very low humidity. Semiconductors can get fried and work in error. The result will be electrical static problems, which can really be dangerous for everyone in the room, home, office or just about anywhere that this incident can happen.

The next best decision is to get a humidifier in place. If it is for a room then a portable unit is alright; while if it is for bigger application, then a fixed one with the HVAC will be wise. Simply add a hygrostat for monitoring purposes and everything would be good. Or, if this is small home application then a manual monitoring would be effective.

To find the perfect humidifier, make sure to choose the correct type. Commonly, there are four types: the evaporative, impeller-driven, steam vaporizers, and ultrasonic. The evaporative type is fan-based, impeller-driven is noisy due to their impellers, steam vaporizer is electrically activated while ultrasonic uses some ultrasonic waves. Steam vaporizer is the only humidifier that produces warm mist.

Is Humidifier Safe?

There is no denying that humidifiers are really great addition to your home or office, even in bigger applications. But without maintenance, it can actually be home to bacteria, fungi, and molds of different variety because of the standing water in it. Past designs, those that use disinfectants, have the same issues as these minerals can either be released as white fine dust in the air or build up in the heating element (for steam vaporizers). When the unit turns on, guess what happens next? All these organisms shoots out of the unit and into the air you breathe. Instead of being a health promoter, the humidifier becomes a destroyer.

These days though, these worries are no longer necessary because of the effective configurations and designs that have been applied to each unit. And they get better every time, as they are sometimes partnered with equally effective devices like air purifiers and even dehumidifiers and/or vaporizers. One of the best 2-in-1 devices in the market these days is the ionic air purifier humidifier. This one comes as an air purifier that uses ionizers and humidifier. With a single unit, you get to have a device that cleans out air effectively from all the unwanted elements and even infections as well as add water content to the air to achieve a comfortable room air.


All the benefits of an air purifier partnered with the wonders of a humidifier, the better of these two are all in one appliance. This may be the best comfort and health device in the house. Moreover, it also prevents your home from having electrical static situations.

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