Air Purifier, Humidifier, and Dehumidifier Combination: 2 in 1, 3 in 1, and All in One

Gone are the days when air purifiers are luxuries in homes, offices, and industries. These days, with the growing prevalence of pollution, these devices are becoming a basic in all applications. They are now necessities that became a requirement in domestic, medical and industrial settings. For that reason, these purifiers are getting better each day. Even the size has varied to ensure that all needs are provided and taken care of. In fact, creatively designed air purifiers are as handy as possible. There are those that are as small as a baby’s head and some are lighted and combined with another life improving idea like a humidifier or dehumidifier or both. In some places where the prevalent weather conditions are pretty extreme, all these devices may stand alone or rolled into one and made available in the market. In other places where the need may not be as extreme, availability is also ensured for health care and lifestyle benefits.  

The availability of these now very creatively designed and styled air purifiers may make the first known purifier so obscure, but back in 1830, the helmet looking device that Charles Anthony Deane developed was perfect. The first developed purifier may be basic with its two bellows and filtering garment but at the time, it was the most innovative thing. People acknowledge the need for more comprehensive devices to clean air though which was put to rest with John Stenhouse’s wood charcoal filtering device which would be known as the first practical respirator. This invention was patented to sir Stenhouse from 1860 up to 67. Improvements to Deane’s and Stenhouse’s designs continued with one standing out – fireman John Tyndall’s. He added a hood to ensure that smoke and noxious gas is filtered from the air through the respirator. He applied and was awarded patent for this design in 1871 to 1874. More and more comprehensive designs and styles came after that. While records may or may not show all of these, there are reasons to believe that innovations continued which paved the way to one of the most famous improvements of all times. In 1950s, the Manhattan Project of the United States introduced a successful air purifier design – one that uses a High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance or HEPA. This is a very potent filter that was first used in controlling radioactive contaminants in the air. Studies have shown that this high efficiency filters has an actual guarantee of almost perfect score – 99.97% of tiniest particles, including 0.3-micrometer in size! These days, air purifiers are far more effective with designs that actually remove CO2 from indoor air through the help of adsorbents.

All these improvements in an air purifier when combined with a humidifier or/and dehumifier will definitely offer a better choice of home and commercial air cleaning and conditioning device. A good choice would be one that comes with an even bettered and artistic design to add aesthetic value in your home or office on top of its practical purpose. There are a lot to choose from, lighted and dancing waters and a lot more, in the market.

Benefits of An Air Purifier

When you hear the word air purifier, you are correct to think that this is used to clean air. It is used to eliminate any particle or organism that may be in the air you are breathing in. Air purifiers have been used for that need long before you learned that there is something like that in this world. It goes way back in the early 18th century but then, the air purifiers are simple helmets with a couple of bellows and a filtering garment. Suffice it to say that the design simply and basically removes macro and micro particles that depends on the kind of garment used. They may not, at the time, be efficient to sieve any form of bacteria as these organisms may be a little too tiny for the filtering garment. At the same time, there may be no special elements or adsorbents being used in those early designs that can help hoard and cancel out these organisms.

Today, air purifiers are much more comprehensive in configuration and design, thus they offer better functions and efficiency. They have become very innovative that they are now classified into two groups, the active and passive air purifiers. What separates these two is the purifying element used in them. Active purifiers make use of filtering element while the passive purifiers use scientifically proven techniques in the absence of filters. A good example of an active purifier uses HEPA filters, carbon filters, pre-filters, and enhanced or germicidal filters. The electrostatic precipitator, ionized, UV light (ultraviolet), Ozone or oxidizers, and other advanced and/or combination of technologies are the best examples of passive purifiers.

All these air purifiers have the same purpose: to clean the air from allergens thereby making it safe for people who have allergies and other health hazards. More comprehensive purifiers are being used in medical wards to prevent contagious infections among patients. Anions or purifiers using ionization technique are the best examples for this. It is a proven device but with the lot of available choices these days, it is important to select the perfect ionized air purifier according to the need. Portable ones are available for those who will use it in small areas and applications while there are bigger and directly installed with the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. These are also specific products for homes as well as commercial and industrial applications.

Benefits of Humidifiers

When the air is too dry, the situation can create inconvenience. People who have been exposed to extremely low humidity levels can develop health problems, especially respiratory issues. Human skin can also get dry and unhealthy. This can affect the scalp, the face, and even those unexposed skin. Different illnesses can develop from this condition, too. Now, all of these things are not supposed to happen if there is enough water content in the air. That is where a humidifier can work its wonders. This device adds water content to the air that has gone to dry for everyone. With cool air now in place, everyone can feel comfortable and at the same time, convenient. This will also keep their skin and body healthy.

Comfort is not the only thing that low humidity can disrupt; it can also cost you your most important furniture, fixture and crafts. You see, wood pieces and paper based items can become a bit brittle when continuously exposed to high temperature. The same is true when they are exposed to dry air for too long. The only way to prevent this is to get a humidifier. This device will add water content to the dry, still air to get it to the appropriate humidity level. That way, the normal room temperature will be met and all the fixture, furniture and crafts in that room will not be exposed to extreme conditions that will cause them to deteriorate, crumple and damage.

More importantly, humidifiers prevent static electricity, which is not only the primary cause of damage of electrically energized appliance but fuse boxes. Bad things can get worst as all these things are fire hazards when left unattended. This is a primary reason why humidifiers are now becoming another basic appliance across all applications.

 Different applications may have different needs though. Among the most common issues that a humidifier solves are comfort and static electricity. Both are life changing as low humidity can create a lot of inconvenience, which may even result to health problems and damage of furniture and crafts, while static electricity can damage electrical appliance and supplies as well as jeopardize overall safety.

Benefits of Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are the direct counterparts of humidifiers. In some places and industries where there is a need for low humidity, dehumidifiers are among the top requirement. These devices will help keep the humidity at the perfect level in ice rinks and swimming pools, thereby guaranteeing the appropriate temperature settings – and maintain it that way. The need for these devices is getting bigger, so the evolution is getting innovative too. There are already portable ones for this while bigger and directly installed ones are also available for bigger industries and needs. Some may even be included in air purifiers and/or humidifiers to provide various settings to different needs.

To keep the humidity low and prevent moisture that will melt away ice in rinks, humidifiers are employed as part of the HVAC. These devices are usually found in sports houses and stadiums. In these huge applications, these devices are directly installed with the HVAC and may manually or electronically be monitored for maintenance purposes.

These days, dehumidifiers have been innovatively and artistically configured and designed to ensure there is always something that will match the needs of ever user. There are combinations of air purifier and dehumidifiers as well as dehumidifiers and humidifiers. There are also three in ones in lighted balls or other shapes.  

2-in-1 Air Purifier Humidifier or Dehumidifier Combo

With air pollution becoming a primary problem these days, there is no wonder why air purifiers have become a domestic name. The same is true with humidifiers due to the overheating or climate change. The weather conditions have become a little difficult to handle that some places are also experiencing untoward cooling or humidifying which is why dehumidifiers have also come to life. The use of vaporizers is also famous these days. In fact, there are two in one and three in one products available in the market to match every consumer of these devices. These solve the confusing conditions of the weather and at the same time, the problems in air quality.

These air purifier and humidifier products in one are among the basic needs in places where low humidity is prevalent. They come in different designs and sizes and mostly, they are creatively configured to mix and match with the room’s interior. This is most specific to portable devices while those used in bigger applications like hospitals and industries, are pretty basic in design but totally heavy-duty in performance. This suits the need for such kind of applications.

While not all places are experiencing low humidity year-round, it is still best to be at the top of every situation. Thus, it is important to keep the air always free from allergens but it is also best to be ready in times when the humidity goes down too much, endangering health, woodworks and electrical appliance in homes and commercial industries.  

3-in-1 Air Purifier Humidifier Dehumidifier Combination

In some places, the weather conditions can actually become too nasty that air purifiers and humidifiers are no longer enough. These areas require something better and more comprehensive like three in one products – air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers in one. Packed with power, these devices may come in portable and the larger ones that are directly installed into the HVAC of homes and commercial establishments. With these three in ones, there is no need to get a device after another when the weather starts to become nasty and changing like crazy.

Portable ones usually come in very fine and intricate designs. There are lighted ones that are adjustable depending on the actual need and purpose. There are also those that come with more varied modes like music and Bluetooth speakers while the water based purifier spins to clean up the air and releases it with added water. These all in one air purifier humidifier dehumidifier combination products may come as OEM, aftermarket, and trusted brands. To get the best for your current needs, make sure to check the properties of the item like its purifying technique and every other setting in the item. This way you don’t spend on another device when the one you choose does not have it and you were not able to detect prior to purchase.


Buying an air purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier in one unit is practical in many points—especially if your first consideration is your spending limit. However, nothing is wiser than buying all three separate units for your home. Why? Because when one function goes kaput, you’ll have no choice but to buy a separate device for it, unless you have a product warranty that you can rely on. Also, when the device functions for a single purpose, you can be a confident that the product was specially engineered and manufactured with the best parts there are in the market. Unlike when choosing 3-in-1 units, there might be odds that you’ll stumble upon devices that contain some run-of-the-mill internal parts. So, don’t risk splurging your money for a low quality product. Browse for good air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers now!

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